Sustainable development

Since 2017, ALL PHYTO® / LPPAM has been committed to a sustainable development policy. This action is based on the application of international standard ISO 26 000 which takes into account the four pillars of Sustainable Development: social, environmental, economic and biodiversity. Work is carried out in such a way that today’s actions do not compromise the environment, biodiversity and health for future generations.

Admantha Biodiversity® is the name given to our responsible sustainable development policy to assist our customers. This sustainable development is part of a virtuous circle of preserving biodiversity and plant heritage and respecting all our partners all along the value chain.

The particular attention paid to the environment and biodiversity is also reflected in minor everyday actions within the company conducted in line with good practices:

  • Good IT practices,
  • Good environmental practices,
  • Good sustainable development practices,
  • Good biodiversity practices,
Admanta Biodiversity

Societal commitment

Societal commitment


Vercoiran (Drôme): “Lime tree” arboretum

Edmond BOURNY has created a lime tree arboretum devoted to experimental open-ground cultivation of lime trees from all over the world and cultivars of the officinal lime trees of the upper valley of the Ouvèze.
The Vercorain arboretum contains the world’s main lime tree species. Its particularity is that it contains cultivars of the officinal species results from an empirical selection. At a time when lime tree cultivation is declining, experimental, heritage and educational operations are being set up to increase the population’s awareness of this heritage.

Gap (Haute-Alpes): Société Alpine de protection de la nature.

Gap-Charance conservation orchards

Paris Humanité et Biodiversité. Protecting the living world together

Humanité et Biodiversité is a French environmental protection association founded in 1976. It operates in line with the overall goal of preserving the biodiversity of which humanity is part and on which it depends.

Senegal (Africa)

Santorum association

The Santorum association has set itself the goal of promoting transmission of the knowledge and expertise of traditional practices based on respect for plants and their cultivation in their environment.


Tchendukua association

Founded in France in October 1997, Tchendukua – Ici et Ailleurs, a non-profit organization under the law of 1901, brings together people who wish to preserve a mode of existence based on respect for nature and for others and seeking balance