Conseil et Expertise technique

Recommendations and interpretations of the analytical results of your analyses

Specialist advice and expert appraisal: Interpretation of analytical results.

Quality is not limited to technical specifications and reliable results. It also means advice, interpretation of results and other related services to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Analysis results often take the form of huge volumes of data which are sometimes difficult to interpret. ALL PHYTO® assists customers in the interpretation of analysis results and anticipates the corrective actions to be set up. We supply you with our conclusions and best recommendations to explain the results of your analyses in an appendix to the analysis report.

Expert appraisal, training and auditing

Expert appraisal: Assisting customers in their Research & Development project.

ALL PHYTO®’s Research & Development department assists its customers in the creation and implementation of their projects. Our core business is not focused solely on conducting analyses. It is a partner constantly seeking to innovate and enhance the value of its customers’ products.

ALL PHYTO® benefits from its CEO’s extensive experience in the field of Research and Development for phytotherapy. This expertise enables the company to cover the design and dosage formulation work and carry out all the operations to develop a new product.

ALL PHYTO® is certified under the Crédit Impôt Recherche (Research Tax Credit) scheme.

Our solutions are:

  • Stability study according to ICH regulations
  • Dosage formulation (infusion, capsule, etc.)
  • Etc.
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Give your teams training courses to remain at the forefront of their field of activity.

ALL PHYTO® offers a wide range of training courses provided internally or externally (intra-company training or inter-company training). Our training programmes cover both the regulatory aspects (international, national or local regulations) and Good Manufacturing Practices, or the certification of quality management systems. Through our training services, we assist our customers all along their value chain.

Our programmes are tailored to your needs, your activity and your company to achieve excellence.

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The training courses offered are:

Training course 1
Applicability of determination of foreign elements: technical, regulatory and health approach


  • Acquiring basic knowledge for determination of foreign elements
  • Knowing how to set up an analysis for determination of foreign elements
  • Knowing how to set up applicability for determination of foreign elements
  • Risk analysis for determination of foreign elements

Training course 2
Risk analysis for plant-based drugs (Medicinal and aromatic plants)


  • Acquiring basic knowledge for risk analysis on the use of plant-used drugs as per ICH Q9
  • Knowing how to set up a risk analysis
  • Knowing how to set up corrective actions.

Training course 3


  • Acquiring basic knowledge on the polyphenol chemical group
  • Knowing how to choose and set up polyphenol assays
  • Understanding the pharmacological effects of polyphenols
  • Knowing how natural substances are obtained and their benefits in therapy: production of beneficial metabolites from plant sources
  • Learning polyphenol extraction methods

Training course 4


  • Acquiring basic knowledge on the alkaloid chemical group
  • Knowing how to choose and set up alkaloid assays
  • Understanding the pharmacological effects of alkaloids
  • Knowing how natural substances are obtained and their benefits in therapy: production of beneficial metabolites from plant sources
  • Learning alkaloid extraction methods

Training course 5
Risk analysis for nutraceutical products based on plants and natural ingredients


  • Acquiring basic knowledge for risk analysis on nutraceutical products (Toxicological risks, regulatory risks, consumer attitude, nutrivigilance risk, etc.)
  • Knowing how to set a risk diagnosis for nutraceutical products
  • Knowing how to set up corrective actions


Audits help you to guarantee your company’s compliance with the various requirements of the market, your sector of activity and the regulations in force.

Auditing is an essential tool to help you in your decision-making regarding the quality of your products or the management of your operations. From sharing of best practices and new industry requirements to evaluations of performances and products according to your objectives, ALL PHYTO® gives you the means to evaluate and improve your company while meeting the expectations of your customers, whether internal or external.

We offer expert appraisals and audits of your quality system adapted to your needs by conducting risk analyses as per ICH Q9 and other standards. We assist you in this process or audit the procedures which you apply, and we supply you with our conclusions and best recommendations.

Audits by ALL PHYTO® will demonstrate that you meet the expectations of customers and consumers and that you wish to guarantee the quality and safety of your products. The need for “Good Manufacturing Practice” (GMP) audits, together with a consistent overall approach, have never been so clearly apparent. World markets and international manufacturing, together with the procurement of raw materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients, increase the complexity of supply chains.

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Audit and Advice on ICH 09 (Risk management)

Make identifying hazards and managing the associated risks one of the principles of your quality system. Improve your development times and control of your manufacturing processes through better knowledge of sources of variability. Identifying the hazards associated with your products and your processes and quantifying the risks involved are important requirements for your customers and authorities. Setting up the right rules, those which allow you to control the hazards and risks identified by your AMDEC or HACCP analyses, is one of the objectives of your quality standards, whether they be GMP or ISO standards.

Audit and Advice on GMP (Part I: Good Manufacturing Practices)

Meet your regulatory obligations, guarantee the quality of plant-based medicinal products and patient safety, and control your processes and activities.

Regulatory Audit and Advice

Whatever the product or the target market, being able to sell and produce in complete safety, in compliance with the law and standard professional practice, is a constant major challenge. Having the expertise and experience of a third party available to assist you is a guarantee of effectiveness and success.

Technical assistance in formulation and industrial processes

ALL PHYTO® offers you its network of consultants who are experts in their sector of activity to assist you in your various procedures, whether it is a matter of bringing your products and processes into compliance with regulatory and environmental requirements, defining quality and safety criteria within your design processes, or assisting you in the rationalization of your manufacturing practices.

Our services:

  • Regulatory audit
  • Technical audit
  • Etc.
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Selection of a supplier (Sourcing)

ALL PHYTO® assists you in your sourcing and supplier selection procedures. The safety, quality and reputation of your products depend to a large extent on the partners you choose at each step of your supply chain.

Our services:

  • Selection of suppliers,
  • Selection of medicinal and aromatic plants using “metabolomic fingerprinting”
  • Assistance in the cultivation of plant-based drugs
  • Etc.
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Risk analysis (risk management)

ALL PHYTO® also offers a series of risk-based evaluation tools. The evaluations concerned measure the company’s risks, capacities and skills, product quality and safety and environmental safety and sustainability.

ALL PHYTO® assists you in your risk prevention and management procedure.

Our services:

  • Sourcing risk management (country, supplier, etc.),
  • Biodiversity risk management (pressure of uncontrolled gathering, maintaining of biodiversity, etc.),
  • Stability study risk management,
  • Metabolomic fingerprinting risk management according to biotic and abiotic factors
  • Etc.
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